Dragon Ball Xenoverse Season Pass [Online Game Code]

For the first time ever, the Dragon Ball universe will be depicted onto the new generation systems and will fully benefit from the most powerful consoles ever created. DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE will bring all the frenzied battles between Goku and his most fierce enemies, such as Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and much more, with new gameplay design! Players will revisit all famous battles from the series through their own custom-created Avatar, who is connected to Trunks and many other characters. With the help of Trunks, travel through time and intervene with the past to restore Dragon Ball history.

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE will take the beloved universe from series’ creator Akira Toriyama by storm and break tradition with a new world setup, the mysterious Toki Toki City and other amazing features to be announced in the future!D
DLC Pack 1

– 3 playable characters: GT Goku, Pan & GT Trunks
– 4 Time Patrol quests
– 12 Quests
– 15 Special Moves for the player’s avatars, such as: Final Shine Attack, Power Pole combos and Spirit Bomb
– 5 Additional costumes

DLC Pack 2

– Exclusive Playable Characters, Quests, Special moves and costumes. More details to come!

DLC Pack 3

– Jaco the Space Patroller playable character, Turtle Hermit set (sunglasses, Turtle Hermit’s Shell, Turtle Hermit’s Beard, Turtle Hermit’s Aloha Shirt) and highly exclusive content!

Steam account required for game activation and installation