Fisher-Price Disney’s Jake and The Never Land Pirates – Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

  Yo-ho-ho! Prepare the Transformers, Hot Wheels and your sister’s dollhouse, because they’re about to get boarded by the Fisher-Price Jakes Musical Pirate Ship Bucky. This fun pirate ship based on Jake and the Never Land Pirates plays pirate tunes and 25 different pirate-themed phrases to spice up the high-seas adventure. Jack and his parrot, Scully, are included, and they can use the projectile launcher to take on other scurvy sea dogs. They’ll keep watch for Captain Hook (not included) from the crow’s nest, and when they spot him, they’ll open the hidden trap door releasing Tick Tock Croc! This pirate ship rolls on plastic wheels and requires 3 AA batteries. Not intended for use in water. Dimensions: 16.5W x 6D x 14.2H inches. Recommended ages 3-7 years.   About Fisher-Price As the most trusted name in quality toys, Fisher-Price has been helping to make childhood special for generations of kids. While they’re still loved for their classics, their employees’ talent, energy and ideas have helped them keep pace with the interests and needs of today’s families. Now they add innovative learning toys, toys based on popular preschool characters, award-winning baby gear, and numerous licensed children’s products to the list of Fisher-Price favorites. Pirate ship that gives your child high seas adventure. Plays pirate songs and 25 realistic pirate phrases. Launches cannonballs at enemy ships. Hidden trap door for releasing Tick Tock the crocodile. Recommended ages 3-7 years. Dimensions: 16.5W x 6D x 14.2H inches.

Jake’s musical pirate ship, Bucky, sets sail straight from Never Land to your living room! Bucky is fully equipped to battle Hook and his crew to defend Jake’s treasure. The crow’s nest lets Jake spot Hook on the water, and the spring-loaded canon fires water-ball projectiles. The Tick Tock Croc hides behind a hidden trap door. Bucky is packed with 25 action phrases and songs. Ready for a new adventure? Roll Bucky on its wheels and set sail, rocking side to side! Bucky comes with Jake and Skully figures and three water-ball projectiles. (Not intended for use in water.)

Fisher-Price Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky25 pirate phrases, sounds, and music! View larger.Fisher-Price Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake's Musical Pirate Ship BuckyTick Tock attacks
from hidden trap door! View larger.Fisher-Price Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake's Musical Pirate Ship BuckyJake can fly around the crow’s nest! View larger.Fisher-Price Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake's Musical Pirate Ship BuckyFire “water balls” from the cannon. View larger.

Ship Fires Cannons and Plays Songs

Jake and Bucky are ready to handle Hook and his right-hand man Smee with this exciting playtime adventure! Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky features three buttons to activate special features, including the ability to fire “water balls” from the ship’s spring-loaded cannon and to play 25 pirate phrases, sounds, and songs!

The ship’s realistic rolling action adds to the excitement, causing Bucky to rock from side to side while Jake flies around the crow’s nest. But watch out! A pop-out Tick Tock Croc is ready to attack from behind a hidden trap door in the ship. You can even download the code on the front of the box to your smartphone for more fun adventures with Jack and the Never Land Crew!

Never Land Fun for Ages Three and Up

Designed for children ages three and up, Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky helps children improve fine motor skills as they grasp the Jake and Skully figures and place them in a world of imagination, creativity, and discovery! The Never Land figures and accessories take children into imaginative modes of play that include explorations and discovery of pirate life on Never Land.

What’s in the Box

Pirate ship, Jake and Skully figures, Tick Tock Croc, and three water-ball projectiles.

Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake’s Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

At a Glance:

Fire water-ball projectiles from the spring-loaded cannonThe Tick Tock Croc springs out from behind a doorHear 25 action phrases and a pirate-adventure songBucky rocks from side to side as it rolls

WARNING: Not intended for use in water.

Age/Weight Requirements:

Three years and up

Assembly Requirements:

Three AA R6 Alkaline batteries (not included)

Trademark Information:

Product Features

  • Sail the seas with Bucky
  • Fully equipped to handle the evil Captain Hook and his right hand man, Smee
  • 3 Push buttons which activate special features including a spring loaded cannon
  • Cool sound effects and phrases
  • Includes Jake and Skully figures