Mehron Liquid Face Paints – Blue BL (1 oz)

Water based Mehron Liquid Face Paint can be used with an airbrush and is ideal for full body painting. It is also handy for face painting crowds of faces at parties, carnivals and other events. It can be applied with brushes, sponges or an airbrush. Made from quality FDA approved ingredients, Mehron Liquid Makeup does not include alcohol, so it’s safe and gentle on skin. There is no water activation with liquid face paint so you can move quickly through your face paint designs. Mehron liquid paint dries quickly and has a smooth crack resistant finish. Mehron Liquid Makeup is also a great FX makeup that can be mixed with Liquid Latex or 3D Gel. The 1 ounce Mehron Liquid Face Paint bottle comes with an applicator brush.

Product Features

  • Each 1 ounce bottle of Mehron Blue Liquid Face Paint will work for 20-70 applications.
  • Mehron Liquid Face paint is water based and can be applied with a brush, sponge or an airbrush.
  • Each 1 ounce bottle comes with its own applicator brush.
  • Perfect for full body painting or for getting things moving quickly with crowds at events and carnivals.
  • Mehron face paints are made with FDA approve ingredients and are safe and gentle. Water based: easy to apply, easy to remove with just soap and water.