Transformers Dark Of The Moon Robo Power Costume Optimus Prime (Medium)

Optimus Prime is the mighty leader of the Autobots. With his powerful weapons and invincible armor, not even the toughest Decepticons can defeat him! Can you live up to the reputation of this revered Autobot leader? You might surprise yourself! Slip on this Optimus Prime costume and let your imagination roll out. Then get ready to live out some Autobot action or invent an adventure all your own!

Product Features

  • Detailed costume and mask let you step into the identity of the Autobot leader
  • Stage your own battles and experience the thrill of Decepticon defeat when you pretend to be like your favorite bot leader
  • Costume size Medium fits children from 45 to 50 inches tall and weighing 48 to 65 pounds
  • Includes mask and jumpsuit